We help startups that help cities.

Smart City Startups 2014

Urban.Us is a global community that helps promising startups who want to make cities better. We support founders by organizing an online community and in person events to connect founders with relevant people, organizations and feedback. We also provide some of their first funding. Our ideal team offers the promise of impacting 100 cities within 5 years in areas like mobility, sustainable building, governance, service delivery and resilience.

Urban.Us is currently working with Architizer (New York), BikeSpike (Chicago), BRCK (Nairobi),  dash (New York), HandUP (San Francisco), KIWI.KI (Berlin), Rach.io (Denver), Radiator Labs (New York), Seamlessdocs (New York), Skycatch (San Francisco) and WhatupBridge.com (Miami).

Urban.Us is organized by Shaun Abrahamson + Stonly BaptisteApply to the Urban.Us network or learn more About Us. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.