“I was not predicting the future, I was trying to prevent it.” 
― Ray Bradbury

Tech continues its steady march to giving us new superpowers. Corporates and governments look set to play a bigger role in urbantech this year. We discuss these and more in our 10 predictions for Urbantech in 2017.

Startup Candidates

• Resurgent Energy helps small commercial clients adopt solar

• Upshift is re-inventing car rental


• In American Towns, Private Profits from Public Works

• Amazon gets patent for ‘countermeasures’ to protect its drones

• UPS begins testing electric bikes in Portland

• Bill Gates’ new model for investing in energy innovation

• Uber debuts Movement, a new website offering access to its traffic data

• 2017 Govtech 100


• Old-Line Companies Like Wal-Mart and GM Acquire Taste for Tech Startups

• Four key insights from 5,000 startup cap tables

• What hardware startups can learn from Pebble

• Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

• The intersection of product design and business

• The irreversible momentum of clean energy


• Architizer A+ Awards is looking for startups that work with architects

• YC is looking for water startups

• Urban-X summer program applications are open

• Urban Future Lab Investor Network meeting

• 27 jobs from 8 companies helping to make cities better


• Onewheel+ launches at CES

• Livestories is working with the Pentagon on open data

• Year two of our Urbantech class is underway with Chicago Booth School

• We just welcomed our 35th syndicate backer

It takes a (diverse and geographically distributed) village. 

Special thanks to Nick Grossman, Abbie Smith, Ross Douglas, Marco van Embden, Sheel Tyle, Marsha Soffer, Nate Levine, Vivjan Myrto, Michael Seibel, Artem Mikhlin, Jason Calacanis, Lawrence Abrahamson, Saneel Radia. All of the urbantech startup founders we have the pleasure of knowing and working with. Our friends at NYEDC, Amazon, IBM and... Our investors, LPs, co-investors and Angel.co syndicate backers. Thanks to all of you for your introductions, research, feedback and encouragement.

Let’s catch up in person: Shaun is in NY this week with Mark and Anthony and then Munich next week for DLD. Stonly is frequently in Chicago this quarter working with Chicago Booth School.

Shaun, Stonly, Mark & Anthony

Thanks for working with us to make the Urbantech ecosystem better.

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