"Start with focusing on a small market and dominate that market first." - Peter Thiel, from his Reddit AMA on 9/11

Welcome to week 32!

From Venture Funds To Venture Communities

Smart money has been defined by VC partners, but now it's being defined by something new - community. Comment or read more.

GovTech Fund Announces New $23m Fund

To invest in companies that work on government problems. We're particularly excited because we think govTech Fund is already reducing the FOG (fear of government) in the venture community.

Growing Interest In Startups Working On City Problems

Mathew Bishop edited the recently released G8 Impact Investing Report. He shares his perspective on "the invisible heart of the market".

A world away from G8 policy, YC's latest Request for Startups has a bunch of relevant city categories from transportation to energy. 

Final Feedback for Bluelight & Flair Smart Vent Pilots

Please share any final thoughts with Bluelight. Also, if you'd like to be among the very first to use Flair's smart vent system, please sign up for their pilot

One Day We Will Thank Surfers For Changing Urban Mobility

Onewheel West Coast Tour just wrapped up. And yes, you want to see the video.

SeamlessDoc's Jonathon Ende Didn't Set Out To Code For America

Now he finds himself in the leading group of firms helping to transform government IT. Code for America has his story.

We always like to meet people who can help our founders. So please let us know of folks who you think we should meet. 

Have an great week.

- Shaun

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