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“Almost no buildings adapt well. They’re designed not to adapt; also budgeted and financed not to, constructed not to, maintained not to, regulated and taxed not to, even remodeled not to. But all buildings (except monuments) adapt anyway, however poorly, because the usages in and around them are changing constantly”
- How Buildings Learn, Stewart Brand, 1994


• RealAtom - Get CRE Loans on your terms.

• Housing Supply - in which we explore new approaches to home construction.


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• It will be 25 years before self-driving cars take off in America, says early Uber investor Bill Gurley

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• Taser Is Giving Body Cameras to Any Cops Who Want Them

• Jeff Bezos 2016 Letter to Shareholders


• Apply to URBAN-X Cohort 3

• Lee Kuan Yew Smart City Global Business Plan Competition

• 2017 Startup In Residence 20 Civic Challenges in the SF Bay Area

• The Driverless Future Challenge

• Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge

• PropTech Pre-Accelerator from MetaProp & Columbia University

• GOVSTART - Startup growth programme in London


• We’re hiring!

• Welcome DriverMiles

• KIWI wins real estate manager award in Germany

• Radiator Labs wins the Smart Home category in Architizer A+ Awards

• Bowery Farming Leads the Way with Indoor Agriculture [Video]

• Product roles at Drivermiles, Architizer, Revivn and Mark43

• Govtech.com included Urban Us in their list of Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers


• Please help us complete our first Urbantech Hub Guide 2017 for the Bay Area

• How do journalists use data in their stories? Livestories wants to know.

• Have old electronics hardware? Let Revivn give it a new purpose

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