Startup Candidate Introduction FAQ

Who is going to see the introduction?

People in the Urban.Us network are investors, founders and experts in areas ranging from real estate to local government. You can see a complete directory of people here. Before providing access to the network, we evaluate people’s current and previous experience and then talk to them about their specific interest. Our aim is to understand how they might be able to help founders like you who want to make cities better. 

Why do we make introductions?

The main benefit for us is that we learn. Most people wont get to dig in on the team or the product, but the intro tends to be useful to better understand the market and impact potential. Beyond helping us make an investment decision, the main benefit for you is that people often signal interest as customers (individually or on behalf of their firms). And in some cases, they’ll ask to meet about potential investments. 

What is the process?

We follow a 5-step investment process discussed in our FAQ. Though it is different from most investment processes, community feedback (step 3) is an important step. And it begins with an introduction to the community.

Drawing on material that you provide us, we produce an overview of your company. We then use our own research to comment on the company’s potential and challenges. This document is first shared with you to gather any contributions you want to make, whether that means editing for clarification or removing sensitive information.

Once we are happy with a final draft of the document, we post it in a private section of the Urban.Us website called Updates. The Updates section, as well as the post about your company, will only be accessible to credential-holding members of the Urban.Us network. You should also have credentials to access the website, so please let us know if you haven’t received them or otherwise need help accessing the site.

Stealth Mode & opting out

You may request for us to revise the document to Stealth Mode, which would remove all references to your company and focus only on the market opportunity. At any time, you may opt out and/or request to have your post removed or redirected to an external site ( or your website, for example).

Comments, private votes & feedback

A link to your post will be shared in our bi-weekly newsletter, which goes out to our network members. Members who want to read or comment on your post will be required to log into the Urban.Us website. We will alert you if there are any comments to your post that address you or that you could best respond to. You have the option of not responding to any comments, and you can request that commenting be disabled for your post.

Another component of our Startup Candidate posts are the voting links. We ask network participants who have read the post to vote to determine whether we should invest. This is an additional form of feedback that we request from the network to help us analyze sentiment; however, it does not determine our final investment decision. The results of this voting are not published or shared with anyone beyond our internal team.

Often, the best feedback from the network comes in the form of direct emails and phone calls. In these instances, we will loop you in as necessary. We often reach out to specific people in the network who may have relevant experience or interest in your company to elicit their direct feedback, as well.

Following this process, our final investment decision is internal and will depend upon conversations we have internally and with you. We will send an email to share our final thoughts on investing and work with you toward the next steps in the process. If our decision is not to invest, we offer the option of finding a time to elaborate on our decision over a call or meeting. Additionally, we are happy to share any feedback or interest expressed in directly connecting with you from members of the network.

What’s next?

We are happy to answer any more questions that you have about our process before and at any stage of the process. We look forward to learning more about your company and potentially working together.

Please email us at if you have any specific questions about this document or the process we’ve described here.