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Over the last four years, we've met with hundreds of founders building startups to solve urban problems. 

We’ve found some unique challenges, so we decided to create a playbook just for founders who want to re-imagine city life.  

We can’t make startups easy, but this playbook can help you learn what it takes to build a startup to make cities better.

[NEW] In 2.0 we've also added investment memos that explain why we've made 6 different investments in companies like Bowery Farming, Onewheel, BRCK, Seamlessdocs & Starcity. 

1. Better Cities

Large complex challenges and huge opportunity. 

2. Public Benefits

It's not enough to focus on customers. 

3. Making Money

Too many founders forget this step.

4. Hardware Business Models

Connected hardware means new business models.

5. Selling to Consumers and Businesses

Most of the time, government will not be your customer. 

6. Selling to Local Governments

Yes, startups and governments can work well together. 

7. Working with Regulators

This comes later. First, show how you make cities better. 

8. Your Extended Team

When you solve a real problem, lots of people want to help. 

9. Corporate Partners

Are not usually encouraged for startups but they can be great allies. 

10. Fundraising

More than money. 

11. Building Trust

With customers, investors and the public.

Urbantech Startup 

Playbook 2.0

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