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We fund startups that upgrade cities for climate change.

Our startups are upgrading cities with optimized buildings, food resilience, climate insurance, fun EVs, water demand shaping, and more.

We help startups overcome challenges that are unique to city- and climate-related industry sectors.

In addition to our investment, we help startups get the resources they need to rapidly launch and expand. This includes access to customers, partners, and investors. We built the Urban Us platform to help with all three.

two people collaborating

Diverse, relevant experience

The Urban Us platform is managed by a team of 12 people. Before working together, we founded and sold technology companies and invested across all stages from pre-seed to growth and across equity and debt. The team has previously worked at Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, First Round Capital, BMW Group, NYSERDA, and Roosevelt Institute. Our team members have graduate degrees from Harvard, MIT, Georgia Tech, UPenn, and NYU.

Our goals for 2030

In 2030, we expect the Urban Us portfolio to play a significant role in getting the world’s largest cities on track to achieve zero emissions while reducing risk by a factor of 10 for people and assets. We also aim to achieve investor returns across private equity, credit, and asset management to outperform the public markets. We expect to have 1,000 portfolio companies with a combined value of $100 billion and $50 billion in private capital. Ten of these companies will be publicly traded, and 90 will be acquired by sector leaders in transportation, real estate, technology, construction, energy, water, and waste management. Here’s the Urban Us 2030 press release.

For Investors

Our LPs and co-investor syndicates include industry leaders with company building experience, domain expertise and mission alignment. Investments at the intersection of cities and climate action are producing top tier returns and unprecedented public benefits.


View our Investor Playbook