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“If parts get too boring just fast forward - all the way to the end if need be.”

In 1988, the KLF shared a document describing in how to get a music single to the very top of the UK music charts. It’s completely outdated now, but an excellent reminder that pretty much all systems can be hacked. This was soon obsolete, which is also a good reminder that system adapt quickly to make the same hack harder the next time.

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We're excited to announce that we're working with Urbint. Learn more about them at https://urbint.com


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Seedcamp has shared their most recent fundraising deck and it’s a very useful way for founders to understand how VCs think and what they're trying to achieve.

Want to sell to local governments? Join the Citymart Directory and access over 1,000 active projects


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URBAN-X - Apply by Jan 31st

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Direct of Product & Data Analyst at Urbint

Opps, Guest Services & Software at Starcity

UX / Onboarding Designer at Citymart

And 69 more job opportunities to re-imagine cities.

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BRCK on the cover of The Economist

Welcome Michele and Jason. They’ll be working with us for our University of Chicago Booth School Course on Urbantech Entrepreneurship this Winter quarter.

We’re holding office hours at AngelList HQ in San Francisco later today (Wed Dec 6). Meet Shaun, Mark and Stonly to chat about URBAN-X or ask us anything. Pick a time that works best for you at https://calendly.com/urus/ubx/

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