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“We (investors and founders) don’t all go into these relationships with the expectation that it will break down.”
- Jason Calacanis

Yet outside of boards and deal docs, founders and investors often don’t set clear expectations. In a recent TWIST Episode, Jason discussed everything from monthly updates to investments in competing companies. We’re hoping he open sources an MOU to set expectations. We’d love to see it included along with deal docs and we’ll be revising our advisor agreement to ensure it covers the issues.

[Startup Candidate] Rally Bus is bringing pop-up mass transit to cities across the US, beginning with transit organized around large events like sports and concerts. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Google Is Working With HandUp in San Francisco to double their impact. Until the end of the year, each individual donation will be matched by Google.

Skycatch Makes History proving that their talents go beyond impressive flying robots. They received one of the first exemptions from the FAA. They’re also seeing good adoption of their platform for drone pilots, with a Miami construction project featured in their latest Workmode update.

Radiator Labs Wins Verizon Award in the Powerful Answers challenge, earning them $250,000 and setting them up for a chance at the $1,000,000 prize - timely cash to expand their NYC installations!

[Prognostication] Urbantech in 2015 More climate action from cities; The new C3PO; The force awakens; DIY to DFY; More Funding For Urbantech and Location vs Mobility. These are the trends we’ll be tracking in 2015.

[Opportunity] City Technology Catalyst - ProspectSV is accepting applications for to demonstrate the next generation of technologies for cities in the heart of Silicon Valley.

[Opportunity] Unreasonable Institute - applications are open through January 25th for the summer program in Boulder, CO.

[Opportunity] Cognicity Challenge is now accepting entries in all categories including connected home, integrated transportation and automated building management.

Highlights from our 2014 Updates - Sam Altman’s startup class materials set a new bar for how to start a startup. Anthony Townsend considers the massive changes in mobility offers some glimpses of what it might look like in the near future in Reprogramming Mobility. IOT is HOT and CBInights offers a good view of the major players in this fast growing space in the Internet of Things Periodic Table. Finally, Mattermark released their 2014 Startup Traction Report offering a deep dive into the US startup funding and growth.

We shared our first version of the UrbanTech Radar (the new and much improved Radar will be ready in a few weeks). We’re not in the bubble prediction business, but we revisited the sound advice shared by Sequoia, during the last funding pullback, in RIP Good Times Revisited. And we expect all LEGO themed events to be popular, so we weren’t surprised to see the great interest from our session on How Lego Works With Customers To Create Products.

Thank you all for an inspiring, productive and fun 2014. Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you 2015!

- Shaun & Stonly

P.S. Will you be at CES? Please let us know. We’d love to see you.

P.P.S If you read this far, you’re probably behind on your holiday shopping. Don’t panic, we have some great recommendations from Rachio, HandUp, BRCK, Onewheel, Dash and Valet Anywhere.
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