"Climate change is real, it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating."
—Leonardo DiCaprio

After waiting his entire career to win an Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio used most of his acceptance speech to focus on climate change. As if on cue, both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett talked about climate change in their most recent annual letters. Buffett opined on the potential effects of climate change on the insurance business, while Gates weighed in on the magnitude of the challenge. Recently, climate has started showing up in real estate discussions as developers contemplate the effects of rising sea levels in places like Miami. Though cities already lead on many climate policy fronts, the explicit connection between climate and real estate will make climate a much more concrete issue for cities.

[Startup Candidate] Butter was developed to take care of your home because the current approach to managing most people’s largest asset really doesn’t make that much sense. Learn more.

[Startup Candidate] Sway Motorsports - New EV Mafia, which brought you the Onewheel and Faraday bikes, is introducing Sway Motorsports , which combines the fun of a scooter while remaining stable in the snow. It’s great for first-time riders and those who need to carry cargo. See Sway in action.

[Insights] “You’re Not Stuck In Traffic. You Are Traffic.” Kevin Slavin on design as a form of participating in a complex adaptive system. Learn more.

[Insights] All Companies Are Public. It doesn’t matter if a company publishes its financials. Today’s private companies produce enough signals to infer a great deal about how they’re doing. We’d love your help thinking through what this means for startups. Here is the working doc.

[Insights] Hubspot on Growth provides a fantastic discussion of how Hubspot figured out growth as they moved beyond product–market fit.

[Insights] Corporate Venture Capital investment continues to climb because we believe startup investing has become another way to develop product pipelines. The number of active firms in 2015 was twice the number of active firms in 2011. Read more from CBInsights.

[News] A University of Chicago Booth School class is training the next generation of founders who want to save cities. Thanks to those of you who worked with Stonly to make this happen. Learn more here.

[News] Nextdoor’s City Program offers a great perspective on the possibilities available with geographically defined social networks. Read more from Nextdoor

[News] Solving Traffic with Google offers a look at how Google creates traffic models to help cities better use their existing road infrastructures. Watch here

[Startup Update] Handup reflects on their first $1M in donations. Some of the needs the company has seen might surprise you; for example, 1 in 10 requests are for technology or transport. Read more from HandUp.

[Opportunity] Graham Hill & LifeEdited created one of the most well-known apartments in the world. Its TED talk has received millions of views. We’re excited to share two new LifeEdited projects. LE2 in NYC focuses on a 350 sf apartment, and Life Edited Maui is a 1,000 sf, off-grid, zero-impact compound on 2.2 acres. If you’d like your product to be considered for either project, just reply to this email.

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