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"If you aren’t sure, ask questions. If it doesn’t smell good, it usually stinks." - Joanne Wilson on why Good Entrepreneurs deserve Good Investors.

This captures well, why we're building Urban.Us. Founders can test many things, but they will encounter some experiences too infrequently and this is where we can help. So we'll continue to encourage them to ask questions and we'll keep introducing them to you and asking for your guidance. http://gothamgal.com/2014/12/good-entrepreneurs-deserve-good-investors/

Welcome Revivn - One person's trash eWaste is another person's treasure access to education. Revivn is solving two growing city problems. Here is why we are excited to be investors. http://urban.us/one-persons-electronic-waste-is-another-persons-access-to-education/

65 Founders And Counting - our first goal for Smart City Startups 2015 is to ensure that we have 100 of the most promising startups working on urban problems. We're excited about the response so far.

We'll have two keynotes: one at the Summit and one at the Festival. If you have any thoughts on potential keynote speakers, please let us know.

Giving Tuesday - Tuesday has come and gone, but it's never to late to give. We were excited to see both HandUp and Revivn at the top of Product Hunt's Giving Tuesday list. https://www.producthunt.com/e/giving-tuesday

A Better Option For NYC Monthly Parking - Valet Anywhere will bring your car to you and then pick it up when you are done. For less than your current garage. More at http://www.valetanywhere.com/#/storage

From Nairobi to Gauteng - the BRCK team is redefining product testing, this time by driving from Nairobi to Maker Faire in Gauteng while testing current BRCKs and some new stuff too. http://www.brck.com/2014/11/expedition-technology-part-i/

Corporate Venture Investing - the Economist weighs in on the motivations and differences versus previous cycles. In our opinion, the biggest difference from prior cycles of corporate venture funding is a growing move from "Not Invented Here" to "Proudly Found Elsewhere" as part of a shift to more open innovation processes - http://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21633883-fear-being-displaced-startups-turning-firms-venture-capitalists-if?fsrc=scn/tw_ec/if_you_can_t_beat_them_buy_them

How IOT Transforms Competition - "Proudly Found Elsewhere" is increasingly motivated by an understanding that when things are connected to the internet, competitive forces will change. Who better to offer a new framework to think about this than the inventor of the 5 Forces Model, Michael Porter - https://hbr.org/2014/11/how-smart-connected-products-are-transforming-competition/ar/1

We know lots of you celebrated Thanksgiving in the US (and also noted that somehow Black Friday is now a thing outside the US). It's a good reminder that we don't say thank you nearly enough. Stonly and I are thankful for your interest, support, opinions and guidance. We know we're helping founders increase their chances of helping us all secure a better future.

Shaun & Stonly
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