“In 2028, the city released a tender for franchises to operate an automated freight delivery system that would operate only at night, when the sleepy city’s streets were mostly free of pedestrians and bicyclists.” - Anthony Townsend, Reprogramming Mobility, 2014.

In 2014 Anthony Townsend reviewed emerging mobility technology and created four near future sci-fi stories. We’d already been enjoying his public smart city debates in the Economist, but at the time, Anthony’s futures still seemed far away. Now we see growing interest in mobility, not just from founders and VCs but from, all levels of government and private firms from real estate to infrastructure. Why? Because the answer to “how soon will mobility change?”, seems to be “sooner than we thought”. We reviewed some recent announcements to illustrate how Anthony’s mobility futures are quickly materializing.

[Startup Candidate] Thington connects your smart home devices to each other, to the people in your life and to the world.

[Startup Candidate] Bioinspira is advancing air chemical sensing and making existing gas pipelines safer for better cities.

[Startup Candidate] State of Place is automating urban planning to help cities more quickly become more walkable.

[Insights] Knowing when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em - The truth is that there are no foolproof methods and the odds are you won’t know when to quit.

[Insights] David Frankel of Founders Collective shares thoughts on how to structure startup teams. Don’t make a six-figure finance hire until you’ve got an eight-figure run rate, is just one of his suggestions.

[Insights] Title III of the JOBS Act is here but will startups use it? Here’s an overview of the things investors, startups and platforms must consider.

[Partner Event] Mobility deserves it’s own event. Autonomy is bringing the future of mobility to Paris.

[Urban.Us Event] UrbanTech Celebration NYC 2016 - We have a few spots left for our NYC event with Urban-X and USV on June 8th. It’s free and you’re invited.

[Startup News] Summer is coming. Rachio’s best selling sprinkler controller will help you save water as you enjoy your yard. Flair will soon end pre-orders, so if you don’t more comfort and energy savings, don’t pre-order here. Onewheel just made it much easier to find dealers for test rides.

Shaun, Stonly, Anthony and Mark

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