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Doctor: Ray, do you want to stay and live with Charlie?

Raymond: Yeah.

Doctor: Or do you want to go back to Walbrook?

Raymond: Yeah.

Doctor: Which is it? Go back to Walbrook or stay with Charlie Babbitt?

Raymond: Go back to Walbrook, stay with Charlie Babbitt.

- Rain Man, 1988

Early stage founders need to make many, many decisions. Here’s Sequoia’s Managing Partner, Roelof Botha on leadership and decision-making.

#startup intros

Kiwi Campus - Last-mile logistics systems built around robots.


Videos From YC's First Investor School yes, founders should know how investors are coached

Where Are We In the Saas Valuation Cycle? useful analysis and benchmarks

Autonomy Ecosystem excellent overview from a16z H/T Sameer Rashid

Sequoia’s Jess Lee - Stop Saying You’re Crushing It - How To Get The Help You Need [Video]

Blockchain by NIST forget the questionable ICOs and volatile currencies, there is a lot worth knowing about the underlying technologies, philosophies and architectures.


Alibaba rolls out their “City Brain” services in Malaysia H/T Mike Phillips

Nobody Knows What’s Next For Cape Town’s Water Supply and Cape Town isn’t alone

Louisville to Become First U.S. City to Use Drones to Respond to Gunshots H/T Dustin Haisler

How To Improve Cities Through Technology And Design by Miriam Roure

Towards Rules For Automation In Government reminds us of OneConcern’s #benevolentAI


RSVP for Kiwi Campus’ official launch at UC Berkeley on April 14th

Elemental Excelerator offers $1 million in funding to demonstrate technology in California, Hawaii and Asia Pacific markets. Relocation is not necessary.

Toronto real estate pilot opportunities related to tenants, building efficiency and inspections.

Architizer A+ Awards is accepting submissions previous winners include Radiator Labs.

SPUR’s Individual Giving Officer is a great way to help impact urban policy.


Jason interviews the URBAN-X cohort 3 teams on TWIST [Video]

City-Centered Solutions discusses the Booth School class we’ve been co-developing.

Seamlessdocs raised $7.5m to make government beautiful.

Rachio announces a new smart sprinkler controller, raises $10M to make yards beautiful.

Police Tech Startup Mark43 Raised $38 Million to make law enforcement more efficient.

BRCK is hiring engineers in Kenya and globally to transform connectivity in Africa

Bowery Farming is looking for full stack engineers and farm operators

1Concern has open roles in more than 8 cities to develop #benevolentAI

Here are 70 more jobs from 17 Urban Us companies.

If you’re attending the Smart Cities Conference on March 26-29 in Kansas City, come chat with us.

Liz, Stonly, Anthony, Mark and Shaun

P.S. look out for more Sequoia content. They’re late to the content game, but luckily they’re ramping up. They have some of the best insights on company building.
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