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Video game difficulty settings should be -
1. Full Time Job
2. Part Time
3. Unemployed

- Trevor Noah

Startups have never been easy. But the funding environment is tougher than it’s ever been since we began these updates 107 weeks ago.

Eighteen months ago, we first noted rumblings about burn rates from Fred Wilson. Then six months ago, Bill Gurley made a much stronger case to consider the “no funding” scenario.

Investors know the game better than everyone because they have the most game time. They are the unemployed video game players of the startup world.

The startup game is now the hardest it’s been since 2008, but the best reasons to play remain the same. Stay in the game.

[Startup Candidate] Citymart is changing how city governments find new solutions to old problems. They’ve advised and inspired us since we began. Now they are ready to scale. We’d love to know what you think.

[Tools] Better Growth Accounting. We’d love to see more teams using Social Capital’s format for showing cohort growth to understand key growth levers. Just hit reply (or join us on Slack) if you’d like to discuss or share your experience with this. Learn more.

[Opportunity] The Guardian/Cities is asking for suggestions on what city-related organizations, themes or stories they should cover. Let them know.

[Hiring] Overcoming hiring biases. Since early hires set the culture, there is more reason to find ways to overcome bias. Here is another vote in favor of blind tests for making hiring decisions. And if you’re looking for great engineers, Udacity has an app for that.

[Research] Coastal flooding models are getting better, even if the news isn’t. These are the latest models for multiple US Coastal cities.

[Research] Ideo is working with Ford to explore the commute beyond driving. We had the opportunity to chat with the team and now they’ve shared some details of their work in the NYTimes.

[Opportunities] NYC Urbantech. The first elevator and electricity grid were both in NYC. Our thoughts on why NYC is set to become the center of Urbantech.

[Careers] NYC Urbantech companies are hiring, including our portfolio companies like Architizer, Dash, Logcheck, Mark43, Radiator Labs, Revivn, Seamlessdocs and Valet Anywhere. Our friends at New Lab and Grand Central Tech are looking for program directors.

The startup environment might be the toughest it’s been since RIP Good Times, but the future has never looked brighter for Urbantech.

- Shaun, Stonly & Anthony

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