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“Many venture capitalists and venture capital firms go ‘along for the ride’ with the entrepreneur and don’t do much to change the trajectory of the investment. - Fred Wilson, What VC Can Learn From Private Equity.

How do you balance the need to find more deals with the need to help the founders you are already working with? This is a classic exploration versus exploitation problem, but firms like YC, a16z, and others are figuring it out. We’re always trying to learn how firms are finding ways to help founders, especially when they aren’t managing billions of dollars (and benefiting from large management fees). We discuss why we think “exploration vs. exploitation” is what makes venture capital hard and how emerging models are trying to solve this trade-off.

[Startup Candidate] OneConcern is using machine learning and natural phenomena sciences to manage and quantify risks from earthquakes and hurricanes in order to save more lives and reduce the cost of damage.

[Startup Candidate] ISI / Heatworks has re-imagined how we heat hot water, offering the opportunity to bring about dramatic savings of money and energy.

Architizer A+ Awards — Congratulations to the team on a fantastic event last Thursday. It is inspiring to see the explosion of tech-enabled choices available to architects to make our cities better. You can see all the winners here.

Flair unveils their first product — Dan & Kenny just completed HAX accelerator and previewed their smart vent offering, http://www.flair.zone/. They’ve been relentless over the last six months, first moving to the Bay Area from Chicago and then spending three months developing hardware in Shenzhen.

More Startup Updates — Congratulations to Radiator Labs on the 1776 win. They were named one of three global winners. Last year, HandUp received the overall prize. We are excited about what the 1776 team is doing, so we’re hoping this is the beginning of a trend.

[Opportunity] Verizon Powerful Answers is offering millions of dollars in prizes in categories like emergency response, IOT, and transportation. They are accepting submissions for another 30 days. Both Radiatorlabs and BRCK are alumni, so you may want to connect to learn more. Details are here.

Meeting up over the summer — we’ll be traveling quite a bit to NYC and Bay Area, but also to these great events: Personal Democracy Forum (June 4th–5th, NYC); International Startup Festival (July 15–18, Montreal); O’Reilly Solid (June 23–25, San Francisco); WaPo’s America Answers (June 23, DC); Knight Cities (June 17–19, Detroit).

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