Greetings. I wanted to share our latest updates, now from a new platform. You will be able to access the new platform by resetting your password using the email you are getting this message from, or by connecting via one of your social media accounts. Below the fold are the most recent items shared including a brief guide on how to make the most out of the new platform.
Welcome to the Urban.Us Network
Our new home
We greatly appreciate your time and efforts to help us help startups. Our first 7 months using Basecamp was useful to test different messaging approaches and to reveal needs like making it easier to figure out who else is working with us.
We chose to build a new home rather than buy or rent one. So it is far from complete, but we hope it will make it easier for you to support founders and for founders to more easily find and connect with you.
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UU2Q14 - Urban.Us Quarterly Progress Update
Themes We're Tracking
FOG (Fear of Government). We touched on this last quarter. When we researched Urban.Us, a frequent reaction from some very smart investors went something like this: "Government? Long sales cycles. We don't like companies that sell to government". It is still early but "Govtech" is emerging as an investment theme with seed and A-Round deals being led by organizations that are focused on the space like Code for America, Knight Foundation, Omidyar Network and now Govtech Fund.
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UU2Q14 Urban.Us Quarterly Startup Updates
Over the last quarter, we discussed a number of opportunities with the Urban.Us community, from home energy solutions to civic crowdfunding. We chose 3 mobility-themed opportunities. This means we now work with 5 companies focused on the built environment, 5 on mobility, 2 on service delivery and governance and 1 on resilience.
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BRCK is shipping!
To: Erik Hersman from BRCK From: Shaun A. (1 other person was copied) Friday, August 8 Subject: wow! my brck just arrived and just wow. packaging, setup, design...
just fantastic all around.
congratulations to you and the whole brck team!
best shaun
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Rose & Handup featured in SF Chronicle
"Why, when we have so much wealth and innovation and compassion in San Francisco, and all these apps like Lyft to streamline our lives, apps to bring us food and fix all our problems, why is all of that not adding up to a solution to that woman's problem?" she asked herself.
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