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"Cities are where rubber meets the road...it's where the solutions are." - Michael Bloomberg at COP21

Bill Gate’s new early stage investor coalition was one of the most talked about COP21 announcements (until Mark Zuckerberg pledged to give away 99% of his Facebook stock). The Breakthrough Energy Coalition isn’t up and running yet, but aims to focus on nearly all of the sectors we care about at Urban.Us. Cities have also featured prominently. Specifically aggregating city government commitments shows how cities can help to get 25% of the way toward the reductions necessary to limit temperature rise to 2C. Add that to various business commitments and there is a lot to digest. Stonly has put together a COP21 guide for startups and seed stage investors.

[Startup Candidate] Stealth Water Purifier/Analyzer - what’s in your water? This device gives you professional water testing results, at a fraction of the price (and size).

[Startup Candidate] Rejjee your Ride - Report your lost or stolen bike and learn about potential replacements.

[Startup News] Seamlessdocs raised $5m and shares a bit about their growth. “Talk to Seamless” has become our response whenever asks if they should consider selling to local government. More in TechCrunch.

[Startup News] Rachio raises $7.1m to continue expansion. Rachio is the answer when people ask us why we love IOT. We also love that they’re approaching half a billion gallons of water savings. More from WSJ.

[Startup News] Dash comes to fleets. It’s already the most widely used consumer connected car app. The team has thoughtfully evaluated a number of B2B opportunities and now Dash works for trucking too.

[Startup News] Radiator Labs was recently announced as a recipient of the Tamer Social Venture Fund prize and was awarded a National Science Foundation Phase I SBIR.

[Startup News] Blocpower is bringing energy efficiency to cities. Marketplace doesn’t fully describe that they’re doing, but this great interview reveals a lot more about how Blocpower works.

[News] BigApps results - We enjoyed sharing time with some of the teams and believe there are quite a few projects with great potential. Here are the official winners.

[Opportunity] New Cities Foundation runs a great program to support promising startups who want to connect with city government and key city stakeholders. Alumni include Urban.Us portfolio companies HandUp, Mark43. Details here.

[Insights] About Micro VCs - they’re rapidly joining angels and accelerators to fund and support early stage companies. We’re regularly asked about the ecosystem, so here are our responses to some common questions about Micro VC.

[Insights] Distribution vs Innovation - Do startups get distribution before incumbents get innovation? After product-market fit, distribution really needs to be your top priority. Great insights from Alex Rampell at a16z.

[Insights] First Round asks founders about their priorities and expectations for 2016. It’s interesting to see what founders are prioritizing as they anticipate more challenging funding environment. See the survey results.

[Insights] Slow PR - Just like fundraising pitches, some strategies should be avoided when pitching journalists. Greg Galant explains how founders should approach PR pitches.

Finally, onto the serious business. We don’t know why Luke isn’t in the movie posters, even after rewatching all of the previous films. There is only one thing worse than not knowing - spoilers! The Verge has you covered with a combination of plugins and apps to ensure the story remains in a galaxy far, far until you see it for yourself.

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