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Lawrence Fields: Michael, how are you?
Michael Burry: I found something really interesting. The whole housing market is propped up on these bad loans. They will fail.
Lawrence Fields: The housing market is rock solid.
Michael Burry: It's a time bomb.
Porter Collins: So Mike Burry, who gets his hair cut at Supercuts and doesn't wear shoes, knows more than the federal government?
Michael Burry: Dr. Mike Burry, yes, he does.

- The Big Short (film)

Rob Kao of Valet Anywhere has had this type of conversation. Over the last 12 months he and the Valet Anywhere team have worked hard to figure out unit economics before getting more aggressive about growth. All the while, he was amazed that his competitors quickly raised successively greater funding rounds. But over the last few months, Rob has looked much smarter (and we don’t just mean his haircut). Rob was kind enough to share his experience as the market shifts back to a focus on unit economics, and we thought it was a good time to reflect on Rob’s Dr. Mike Burry experience.

[Startup Candidates] Pop-up Mass Transit—We’re taking a different approach this week. Rather than focus on a specific candidate in this space, we’d like to know what you think about pop-up mass transit. Here is our take.

[Startup Candidate] Holobuilder—Helps you build augmented and virtual construction sites and create digital walk-throughs. Take a look.

[Hiring Insights] Samantha Bee (of The Daily Show fame) shares a fantastic hiring hack. Lots of talk about diversity, but it’s likely she just has a great, qualified team. Vox shares details on the process.

[Insights] The First Chartered Benefit Corporation IPO is happening. The company is not a startup. In fact, it’s owned, in part, by two of the best-known financial institutions in banking and private equity. Here’s why this is a big deal.

[Fundraising Insights] The Great Reset offers a very sound overview of fundraising trends. We’re just going to cut and paste Mark Suster’s advice on how startups should think about fundraising right now.

[Investor Opportunity] The Urban.Us Angel.co syndicate will launch soon. We’ll begin reaching out to individual investors in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, we wanted to share our thinking on the relationship between our Fund II and our Angel.co syndicate.

[Startup Opportunity] Amazon Launchpad—Urban.Us is now a member of the Launchpad Network, so companies can select Urban.Us as their primary funding source and get pre-qualified for Amazon Launchpad.

[Startup Opportunity] Bay Area STIR (Startup in Residence) lays out clear needs and opportunities to work with Bay Area cities. Apply to be a Startup in Residence by 2/18/16.

[Startup Update] Architizer announced its series A after some great initial results with the source platform. The firm is using the funds to open up the marketplace to more architects and vendors. More from Techcrunch.

[Startup Update] Future Motion announced its series A to get more people Onewheeling. Venturebeat has the story. But you probably just want to buy one

[Startup Update] Rachio released its Gen 2 controller. It’s better and cheaper, so if you’ve been on the fence about how to improve your yard (or garden), here’s your chance.

[Startup Update] HandUp gift cards are now available. The team talked with Fast Company about how and why it arrived at the gift card program. Get cards now or learn more about the program.

[Startup Update] Flair is now available for pre-order. These Smart Vents and Wireless Thermostats make your home comfortable and efficient.

Whew! Lot’s going on. By the way. In case you’re wondering what else interests Dr. Mike Burry? Water.

Shaun, Stonly & Anthony
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