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Apologies for the missed month. We’ve been busy helping teams with fundraising. Last quarter, about one third of our portfolio companies closed new funding rounds.

Bernard: Are you saying humans don't change at all?
AI Logan: The best they can do is live according to their code.
- Westworld S2 E10
The design and operation of cities depends on urban planning. But an explosion of private capital and startups means lots of new urban products and services. The problem is, we’re not really sure how people are going to use these services or how they might impact other city stakeholders. Maybe alongside Urban Planning, we need a Department of Urban Testing.


Invisible Asymptotes (or getting to perfect user experiences)

How to Improve Your Odds of Getting to Yes with a VC - “Land & Expand”
Acquiring Your First 100 Customers (a Tweetstorm by @suhail, foundr of Mixpanel)
Regulatory Hacking: A Playbook for Startups [book] good frameworks for startups operating in regulated industries.
Your VC Needs A Billion Dollar Exit. You Do Not. - good perspective on fundraising strategy


The State of Play: Connected Mobility + U.S. Cities - excellent overview from Greg Lindsay

How Tech Companies Conquered America’s Cities

Public Procurement Is Broken - a survey of 200 vendors and local governments HT Mariel Reed

Piece by Piece, a Factory-Made Answer for a Housing Squeeze HT Dan Meyers

The Scooter Economy thoughts on economics and moats from Stratechery.

SF Scooter permit applications - Cory Weinberg has a good, quick takes

Urbanists Could Learn a Lot From Anthony Bourdain HT Mariela Alfonzo


Builtworlds Cities Conference on July 19th in Chicago

Open challenges from Dublin in areas ranging from last mile delivery to water quality

Smart buildings challenge from NYCEDC


Blueprint is looking for a bunch of engineers in NYC, Roadbotics is hiring in civil engineering and machine learning, BRCK is hiring full stack engineers and Oneconcern is hiring in data science, marketing & sales. There are 64 more open positions at 19 Urban Us companies.

This Logo Is like An Organic Sticker for Algorithms features Rentlogic

AI Helps Cities Predict Natural Disasters features One Concern

To Combat Potholes, Cities Turn To Technology features RoadBotics

Just 44 days to go until applications close for our fall program at https://www.urban-x.com/. Hope to see you in NY, SF or LA in the coming weeks.

- Liz, Stonly, Mark, Anthony & Shaun
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