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“That’s funny. I just talked to another investor who told me exactly the opposite.”
- Anonymous Urban Us portfolio founder
For long time, when we heard this, we focused on trying to argue our point. But over time, we’ve come to think of this a little differently. We want to understand what founders do when they get contradictory feedback. Do they listen to the loudest person? Or perhaps the largest shareholder? Maybe the person they’ve known for longest? We’d like them to use Believability Weighting. Not sure whether to believe us? Read on.

Startup Intros
New for 2018. We’ve added some magic so you no longer need to log in!
Lunewave - Sensing that brings autonomous vehicles to life.
Roadbotics - Machine Learning for Road Maintenance.
Qucit - Smart City Operations Through Prediction and AI
These three teams will be presenting at URBAN-X Demo Day. Please join us.

Why Do So Many Hardware Startups Fail?—funding hardware startups will remain difficult
Shark Tank Reject Doorbot (Ring) Is Now a Billion Dollar Startup—also it’s a hardware company
Deconstructing the seed round implosion—useful dig through the data from Samir Kaji
Platform Revolution—great notes thanks to Arnaud Sahuguet
Nextdoor Raises $75M - congrats to Adrian Fine & team.
Units of Time are the New Currency—and how tech companies build moats H/T Mike Phillips

Why America’s roads are in tatters—if the roads are failing, government is failing
The Case for the Subway—if the subway is failing . . . you get the picture
A User’s Guide to the Dawn of Robot Driving—from a business publication, not a sci-fi writer
Who Owns Urban Mobility Data?—it’s mostly private data now, so what are cities to do?
Ford Go Bikes are going electric in SF—impact on short ride-hailing trips around town?
Driverless Hotel Rooms: The End of Uber, Airbnb and Human Landlords and local tax regimes

Datacity challenge with the city of Paris—in areas like planning, mobility, and energy
C40 Reinventing Cities Contest—Nineteen cities looking for sustainable and resilient solutions
NSF Program Solicitation: Smart & Connected Communities (PDF)
Where the Robot Meets the Road—workshop with the folks shaping AV policy
NYCx Climate Action Challenge for EVs

Urban Us
One Concern Raises $20m—a few years ago this was a grad school project!
Onewheel XR Range Cover 50% of US commutes—a few years ago this was in Kyle’s garage!
2018 Govtech 100—congrats to many friends & eight Urban Us companies!
67 jobs at portfolio companies like Architizer, HAAS Alert, One Concern, KIWI.KI & DriverMiles

Why do we count weeks in the subject line of these updates? It’s a reminder that we’re in a race against time to improve city life.

- Liz, Anthony, Mark, Stonly & Shaun
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Thanks for working with us to make the Urbantech ecosystem better.
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