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“I don’t believe there is a challenge anywhere in the world that is more important to people everywhere than finding solutions to the problems of our cities.” –Walt Disney.

Fifty years ago, Walt Disney shared his vision for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT). The EPCOT of today is nothing like what Walt proposed, but its main attractions capture much of what he believed - that imagination could offer endless opportunities for a better future. Maybe that’s why the main attraction at EPCOT ends with a view of what is likely Jobs or Woz toiling away in a garage on the first home computer.

In his initial concepts, Walt recognized the importance of using automobiles to get to and from EPCOT. But cars and trucks weren’t welcome in the city center. He put pedestrians at the center, along with electric people movers and bike paths. In fact, the circular campus design for EPCOT reminds us a lot of the new Apple campus. The completely covered central business area, effectively, is also what Google has embraced for its new campus.

But perhaps most interestingly, Walt was very clear that this was just the start. He was certain that as people lived in the space, they would reveal new needs. And then he believed that imagination and the system of free enterprise would respond with a continuous stream of innovations. So he proposed an ownership structure that would allow his company to make ongoing upgrades to people’s homes, as new and better tech, materials, and systems became available.

While we’re excited about Star Wars and our Sphero BB8 (which came out of the Disney-Techstars program), we think Walt Disney might have left us much more than his company. His greatest gift might be his steadfast belief that imagination and business can collaborate to produce a continuous flow of ideas that make city life better. We’re thankful that so many of you share Walt’s belief. Here is Walt Disney’s 1966 E.P.C.O.T pitch. (Hat tip to Jonathon Ende for sharing).

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