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"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." - Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

Mark Suster opined on one of the maddening downsides of larger crowds of investors - increased potential for information leaks. It inspired some thoughts on how founders can best work with their Founding Crowds to avoid some of the risks.

[Startup Candidate] Mind My Business - Please meet the team using open city data to help store owners better manage their businesses.
Startup Traction Report - we're big Mattermark fans and we expect their foray into data journalism to reveal many useful insights about startups in 2014.

Onewheel First Ride - Stonly and I picked up our Onewheel boards in Mountain View this week. For the moment it's slower than walking because everyone wants to know what it is :) Seriously though, congrats to Kyle and the Future Motion team on shipping something insanely great.

Parking Space Heats Up - Valet Anywhere is discussed alongside some of the other early stage firms hoping to take the pain out of parking as funding heats up.

Connected Car Map - RPM offers a great view of rapidly changing automotive space and features Dash. More after the jump.

Urban.Us In NextCity - along with Skycatch, Seamlessdocs, Rachio and Valet Anywhere. Take a look.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in SF - We used the fanciest camera I have ever seen, only to discover that the video file was corrupted! But we do have pictures.

Smart City Startups 2015 - we're really excited to share that we'll be working with Citymart and Code for America in 2015. They've done more than any two organizations we know to help cities connect to startups and emerging technology. More details soon, but, it's a good reason to make sure you meet Dharmishta and Sascha.

Please Meet - Dharmishta Rood manages the accelerator program at Code for America. You can hear from her at Code for America's recent Bay Area Government Technology Showcase. Sascha Haselmeyer founded Citymart where he has pioneered open procurement in cities around the globe. You can hear from him in his recent interview with the MIT Technology Review.

Phew! That was a bit longer than usual because we skipped last weeks update. Nothing to do with too much Onewheel riding.

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