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“Last year, most people thought the plan to eventually make it to Mars habitable was farfetched. So this year, we decided to show proof of feasibility.”
 — Elon Musk at the SpaceX BFR Announcement (Sep 28, 2017)

Over the last four years, Urban Us has met with hundreds of founders building startups to solve urban problems. We’ve found some unique challenges, so we decided to create a playbook just for founders who want to re-imagine city life.
We can’t make startups easy, but we believe that following this playbook can help you build a startup to make cities better. Get your free PDF copy at urban.us/usp.

New Investments

We’re working with these seven teams at URBAN-X:
Blueprint Power - Turns buildings into power plants for a new transactive energy marketplace
Roadbotics - Automates road quality assessment to prioritize maintenance
Qucit - Machine learning to improve logistics and comfort in cities
Swiftera - Real-time, ultra high-resolution urban imagery for mobility, planning and leisure
Versatile Natures - Transforms construction sites into productive, safe manufacturing floors
Lunewave - High-performance radar sensors for autonomous vehicles
UpShift - Simple car access in the city to connect to people and places that matter


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Urban Us

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We couldn’t meet and help so many great founders without your support. Thank you.
- Shaun, Stonly, Anthony, Mark and Liz
Thanks for working with us to make the Urbantech ecosystem better.
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