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Recruiting Officer: What’s your name?
Han Solo: Han
Officer: Who are your people?
Han Solo: I don’t have people. I’m alone.
Officer: Han…Solo. Approved.

- Solo, A Star Wars Story

When we started out, it felt like we might be the only people in the urbantech tribe. But like Han, we’ve quickly figured out that we have a large, extended family of folks who regularly help us, startups and the larger urbantech community.

Our biggest challenge today is making sure we can meet and keep up with all of you. So we’re excited to do our second global tour to visit 22 cities. In the last few days, we’ve been to Montreal and Vienna. In June, we’re in London, Berlin, Munich, Barcelona. You can see the full list of cities and RSVP.

#startup intros

It’s official. Here are the 7 new companies we’re working with at URBAN-X:
+ Rentlogic is a data-driven, letter-grade rating system for apartment buildings that aims to bring transparency and standardization to the residential real estate market.

+ Avvir automates quality assurance for the construction industry, providing real-time insights into the progress and potential defects on a project.

+ Campsyte enables citydwellers to easily find and book private outdoor event space.

+ ClearRoad helps government agencies automate toll road pricing for any section of road without the need for traditional proprietary hardware infrastructure.

+ Open Data Nation analyzes billions of public data records for cities and insurance carriers to predict and proactively mitigate problems, such as traffic accidents.

+ Park & Diamond makes biking and riding better by reinventing the bike helmet. Their portable helmet that can roll up into the shape of a water bottle for easier carrying and it can look like a regular hat, cap or beanie.

+ Sapient Industries has developed a smart outlet that senses and learns human behavior patterns in order to automate a building’s energy management.


"Shared housing", "shared space", "space as a service" space continues to grow.

Tech’s New Housing Frontier: Furniture on the Ceiling - Also, welcome Bumblebee Spaces, our most recent investment.

Social Capital partners with 100RC with $150MM Urbantech Fund though they’re certainly not new to the space having invested in companies like Citymart & Starcity.

When To Raise A Series A does an excellent job answering the question “are we there yet?”

Urbantech Living Lab - Downtown Brooklyn Partnership shows how local development corporations can work with urbantech startups (including a few of of our portfolio companies).


How advanced analytics can benefit infrastructure capital planning

Insurance 2030—The impact of AI on the future of insurance

How 2 M.T.A. Decisions Pushed the Subway Into Crisis h/t Anastasiya Sharkova

The Future of Cooling - Opportunities for energy-efficient air conditioning h/t Vince Romanin


Smart Cities Challenge by Philips Lighting

NYCx is hosting Accelerator Office Hours at Northside Festival in Brooklyn

URBAN-X Salon June 4th - Where the Robot Meets The Road: Pay to Pave

NYC BigApps Competition

The first GovTech Catalyst round was kicked-off with the announcement of five challenges

Help Norfolk Address Its Coastal Resilience Challenges

U.S. Conference of Mayors Civic Tech Pitch Application

#Urban Us

Jetex To Get Charge Out of Wright Electric Partnership

Rachio on Cheddar [video]

TechCrunch on Kiwi’s Multimodel Robot Delivery System

Bowery Farming on CNBC [video]

Urbint is hiring a Senior UX Designer, Starcity is looking for a Product Manager, One Concern is hiring a Climate Data Scientist, Future Motion is hiring a Mechanical Engineer and 57 more open positions at Urban Us portfolio companies.


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Shaun, Stonly, Mark, Anthony & Liz

Thanks for working with us to make the Urbantech ecosystem better.
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