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[Hangout] Learn How LEGO Creates With Their Customers
"But that's not how we use it!". This was one of my first interactions with a customer. I had designed what I thought was a very clever low cost Braille display. This first version was prototyped using a mix of LEGO and various things from around the house that I wrongly assumed my mom would not miss. Soon after I …
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[Opportunity] Siemens New Venture Forum
This is an opportunity to meet and explore potential partnerships with one of the leading global players in the smart cities space. Siemens is active in areas ranging from energy management to transport and they are interested in meeting startups that are working in areas such as: • “Smart Data” analytics, • interfaces and visualization • data-driven services • cloud-based …
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[Startup Candidate] Share your thoughts on Civic Insight
The power of data has revolutionized personal relationships, consumption, and travel. Yet, one area still facing challenges in unlocking this value is in property data. Though cities are making their own efforts to unlock and share data, much is still obscure and hard to draw useful conclusions from. In addition, existing software solutions are fragmented and difficult to use, forcing …
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