Mark Baum: Yeah, yeah! It's time to call bullshit.
Vinnie Daniel: Bullshit on what?
Mark Baum: Every f*cking thing!
- The Big Short

Much will be written about this US election. How did experts fail to see what was happening? They were polling and analyzing, but maybe they weren’t getting out of the building enough. That’s an important lesson for all of us.

It’s easy to lie to yourself. That’s why one of the best pieces of startup advice is to “get out of the building.” Go and talk to prospective customers. Understand what they are actually thinking instead of what you hope they’re thinking.

Over the next weeks and months we’ll need your help to make sense of everything from climate action to shifting consumer behavior. We’ve already had quite a few conversations, so here is our first take on what Trump means for Urbantech.

Shaun, Stonly, Mark & Anthony

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