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Journalism tends to be a rear-view mirror. We prefer to deal with what has happened, not what lies ahead. We favour what is exceptional and in full view over what is ordinary and hidden.” - Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian since 1995

Popular stories hide the slow moving and boring truths. This is why P.T. Barnum is best remembered for his circus and showmanship, and much less for his sage advice compiled in “The Art of Money Getting”. It’s surprisingly full of insights that would not be out of place in a Berkshire Hashaway stockholder letter or a great VC Tweetstorm. Chapters include: Avoid Debt, Do Not Scatter Your Powers and Be Polite and Kind to Your Customers.

It is easy to miss what has already been learned because it is ordinary and often hidden. Even harder might be to talk about the future when it does not involve some variant on a robot-led apocalypse. But this is what The Guardian is setting out to do. In the coming weeks, Alan Rusbridger and the Guardian will embark something more familiar to great Sci-fi writers.

The Guardian writers will use scientific models to tell stories about what is very likely to happen if we put more than about 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide into the air in the coming decades. They will discuss different actions we can take now to ensure that this doesn’t happen. We like to think about this as the “Art of Future Getting”. More on the Guardian’s climate project.

[Startup introduction] Better Policing Software - Businesses have benefited from continuous improvements in enterprise software. Mark43 is bringing these benefits to law enforcement. Take a look and please let us know what you think.

[Startup introduction] Nest For The Rest - Nest is great for the US Market, but most of the world does not use ducted AC, but rather window units and “mini-splits”. Sensibo is a simple device that automagically upgrades to enable comfort & savings. Learn more.

[Insights] Building Startup Culture - Jessica Livingston reveals what she has done to create culture at YC. In this great essay, she talks about everything from sociopath detection to how much to worry. Read on.

[Insights] State of Hardware - HAX has put together a fantastic compendium (192 slides) covering everything from the startup hardware ecosystem to funding & exits. Whether you love or fear hardware startups, this is well worth a read.

[Startup News] Rach.io - Rachio now has an Amazon rating of 4.8/5.50. It’s a testament not just a great product, but equally great dedication to customers (quickly evident in their Amazon reviews).

[Startup News] HandUp - HandUp now makes it possible for anyone to raise money for a person, community or cause. This is a great way to try HandUp where you live. Take a look.

[Startup News] Skycatch - is working with the World Wildlife (WWF) Fund and Jared Leto. Skycatch is donating their technology to support WWF efforts in wildlife and climate. More on the Skycatch blog.

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