Transformative life experience. Radical self-expression. Sand storms. Mad Max-inspired fashion. Sunrise EDM sets. The first Google Doodle. And the birth of Solar City. These are just some of the many things associated with Burning Man.

We may soon need to add “better cities” to the list of things associated with a temporary city in the desert. The Burning Man Project has purchased land to explore how Burning Man principles might be applied to permanent settlements.

We’ve noticed that offering fun experiences is a great strategy for sneaking benefits into the world. Burning Man seems perfectly suited to making these approaches work at city scale.

[Startup Candidate] GovInvest - provides insight into the government's financial future. Take a look.

[Startup Candidate] Starcity [YC S16] is building beautiful, comfortable communal housing. Take a look.

[Insights] When you change the world and no one notices. A great reminder about why some of the best ideas are hard to pitch early on.

[Insights] BlackRock on climate risks and opportunities. They manage over $4.8 trillion in assets. Their newest report explains how investors should use climate data to make better investments.

[Insights] Why Marks Matter – In Marks off the Mark, a16z explains how investors value their holdings in private companies. It may seem esoteric, but it’s a good way to understand why investors focus so much on growth and potential size.

[Insights] Fundraising Decks are a useful way for founders to benchmark and learn. They’re not easy to to come by, but this is a great collection of seed, A- and B-round decks.

[Extreme Water] Coastal flooding is related to sea level rise that is decades out. Or is it? The NYTimes Science explores how flooding has already begun for some communities.

[Things Move] Who will be the Google or Yahoo of the transportation space?

CBInsights counts 33 efforts in the autonomous car space. The Economist gives Uber the edge.

As autonomous captures headlines, Ford partners with the biggest bike share operator in the US and purchased pop-up mass transit firm, Chariot.

Alphabet quietly begins including promos for Lyft (used to only be Uber) within Google Maps and is rolling out their new rideshare service for commuters.

And in the city that defined car ownership people are giving up their cars.

It’s fitting that the most recent gathering of the International Transport Forum in Germany offered 8 lessons for fixing cities.

Mobility continues to shift quickly. It’s the perfect time to meet the people shaping urban mobility at AUTONOMY in Paris in October. They’ve just announced all of the participants.

[Responsive Government] How the tech community is transforming government from the inside.

[Opportunity] Urban X Accelerator has a new deadline and a new space. Apply here. We also have just a few invites left to join us and the Urban-X team at the BMW Vision Next 100 event in Santa Monica on Oct 14. Hit reply to let us know if you’d like to join.

[Opportunity] The Urbantech Hub in NYC has launched and you can now apply to join the space.

[Startup Update] Mark43’s founder and CEO, Scott Crouch, updates CNBC on his progress and deftly sidesteps some questions about his youth. Mark43 is looking for designers, engineers sales and ops roles.

[Startup Update] Rachio reached 2 billion gallons in savings. It took them 3 years to reach 1 billion gallons 3 months ago. Meet the team at an upcoming job fair.

[Startup Update] HandUp is live in Detroit.

[Startup Update] Mark Zuckerberg (FB) meets Erik Hersman (BRCK) as he explores the future of the internet and Africa.

[Startup Update] Ecomo would love your thoughts on drinking water and their new device.

Finally, we’re excited to welcome LiveStories. Here’s why we’ve invested.

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P.P.S. The other thing in the Nevada desert that’s nearly done (not the Gigafactory).

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