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“Time is money” - Benjamin Franklin
We spend a lot of time producing budgets, but how many of us have a time budget? Are you happy with how you allocate your time?
We noticed a wide range of investor time allocation models. Fred Wilson noted that Union Square partners only add 2 new deals per year. We were also inspired by Elizabeth Yin's recent writing on being a micro vc fund manager, which touched on her time allocation while raising her fund.
At the same time, teams like First Round Capital have shared their expectations for how founders spend time after their seed raise. Conversely, we don’t have a great sense of how seed stage startup CEOs allocate their time either.
So we’re hosting two surveys for seed stage investors and founders. Your input will provide a benchmark for the industry on how we think about time. We appreciate your participation - it should only take five minutes.
As always, your identity and responses will remain completely anonymous. The data will only be used in aggregate, and findings will be shared with participants first.
Thanks in advance and please share!
How do you allocate your time as a VC? https://goo.gl/forms/xvNSKAgQxbnOvQwG2
How do you allocate your time as a founder? https://goo.gl/forms/NHHuy7AJvP0vSttl1

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