[Introduction] Mapillary - Crowdsourced Street Level Photos
Detailed images of cities are critical for everything from navigation to code enforcement. Mapillary offers a better service at a lower cost. Take a look and share your thoughts.
What We've Learned In Our First Year
In the coming weeks, we'll reflect on some of the things we've learned in our first year. First Up: Who can help founders to help cities?
[Learning] How To Start A Startup
Even if you are well on your way, this will be good. YC's over 700 seed investments and multiple successes puts their partners in a unique position to curate THE definitive class on startups.
Skycatch Leads The Way On Commercial Drone Deployments
Beyond jaw-dropping tech, Skycatch is benefiting from lots of time invested to understand regulators and customers in areas like construction, mining & solar.
Rachio Delivers On The Promise Of Water Savings
Rachio has now saved more than 11,000 Gallons (nearly 42,000 litres) of water. The analytics for my Iro show over 30%. And they recently expanded distribution to the Apple Store.
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