"A lot of my favorite extrapolations are the imaginary future equivalent of stuff in the SkyMall Airline Catalog." - William Gibson
Welcome to week 31.
Startup Candidate : Bluelight wants to transform public safety
Bluelight lets first responders save precious response time by providing high quality location and routing data. Read more.
HAAS (Hardware As A Service): Can This Work For Seed Stage Companies?
How can we make hardware companies look more like SAAS companies ? Hint: apply some old finance ideas. More.
How hot is IOT? Goldman Sachs Has A Primer
IOT is a huge part of how we think startups can make our cities better. Get the primer.
HandUp on Bloomberg News
Great discussion with Rose, CEO and co-founder of HandUp, covering how HandUp has been working as well as their expansion to new cities. More on Bloomberg News.
BRCK in Fast Company
On any Apple product, you’ll find: “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China”. On the bottom of every BRCK it's “Made in Kenya, Assembled in America”. More.
Have an excellent week.
- Shaun