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“...it’s like firing a pencil over the top of a skyscraper and trying to land it on a shoe box on the ground—on a windy day” –SpaceX on the challenges of rocket landings.

Goodbye, 2015. Thanks for reminding us that the really hard, worthwhile stuff takes multiple tries. Bring on 2016! This is what we’re looking forward to in the new year.

Thank You - Nearly 900 people help Urban.Us succeed. You make sure we know about promising teams and routinely help our portfolio company founders solve problems about which we’re not always very knowledgeable. We’d like to thank a few people who have been particularly helpful in 2015 (listed alphabetically):

Abbie Smith, Anthony Townsend, Andrew Carton, Andrew Frey, Artem Mikhlin, Bethany Ruhe, Brad McManus, Dharmishta Rood, Doug Chertok, Graham Hill, George Heinrichs, Jon Hallett, Jonathan Smidt, Marco van Embden, Matt Haggman, Mark Crofton, Pete Ryder, Saneel Radia, Sascha Haselmayer, Stuart Kennedy, Tom Broderick, Topher Wilkins, and Wifredo Fernandez.

How do we figure this out? We do some math combined with some judgement (if you’re interested, here is a description of some of the math).

Our most popular content from 2015 included:

RIP Good Times—This post contains a macroeconomic preamble, but the Sequoia’s advice in times of more difficult fundraising environments remains as true as ever.

Startup Advising Is Broken—A timely strategy for advisors who focus on 60 to 90 day problems. A great reminder that advisors offer far more value than providing social proof in pitch decks.

Dozen Learnings from Don Valentine—An evergreen perspective for founders and investors from one of the greatest VCs of all time.

[From Urban.Us] Startup The $h!t Out Of City Problems—The research that led to Urban.Us is a little over two years old. We share what we’ve learned about how startups can help cities.

[From Urban.Us] Internet Trends Report never disappoints and we discuss the bits that are most relevant to startups and cities.

[From Urban.Us] Goolge’s Alphabet’s Impact on Cities—We believe startups should keep Alphabet’s myriad relevant efforts in mind as they work to make cities better.

We look forward to seeing you in 2016.

–Shaun, Stonly and Anthony

P.S. Did you miss our six (very brief) questions for 2016? It’s not too late.
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