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Terry: Let me give you some advice, Kumail. Love isn’t easy. That’s why they call it love.
Kumail: I don’t really get that.
Terry: I know. I thought I could just start saying something and something smart would come out.
- The Big Sick

ICOs could be poised to transform fundraising, but comments from US and Chinese regulators are a reminder that if these look and smell like public offerings, they’ll probably be regulated like public offerings. All the while Bitcoin/USD seems to head mostly up and to the right.

But even as ICOs and Bitcoin/USD price account for most headlines, potentially transformative applications are being built in areas like energy, government and mobility. Some of the most interesting are looking to radically reduce transaction costs so that we build huge, distributed organizations.

Ethereum Project calls these “Democratic Autonomous Organizations”. It’s not that we can’t manage large distributed systems today. The US energy grid is the largest machine ever built and it mostly works. But it could work more cheaply and more resiliently. Could Blockchain usher in new ways to organize massive, distributed infrastructure for everything from energy to shared AVs? It certainly looks that way.

At the same time, some of the largest and fastest growing brands in the world appear to be rewarded for centralizing governance. They appear to be trusted for playing a role in organizing distributed resources from organizing online information to matching short term apartment rentals. FT Alphaville explores this governance paradox.

Startup Intros

iDevelop.city - is an automated end-to-end solution for the real estate development industry.

Our first URBAN-X Cohort
- you’re invited to meet the seven teams working on:
+ Turning buildings into power plants to better match energy demand and supply
+ Using machine learning to automate city logistics
+ Automating road quality assessment to prioritize maintenance
+ Managing construction sites with autonomous machines
+ Shaping the future of mobility with personalized services, and usage-based models
+ Radar-based sensors for fully autonomous vehicles
+ Creating real-time, ultra high-resolution imagery of cities

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September 13th is Innovate Your State’s 3rd Annual Civic & Gov Tech Showcase with the City of San Jose
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