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Startup Candidate: MuniRent
MuniRent enables municipalities to save money by changing how they access equipment. We've had a good conversation so far. If you have any experience with equipment leasing, the sharing economy or procurement, we'd love to hear what you think.
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Growth Hacking: The Uber Playbook
How can you impact 100 cities within 5 years? This is a central question we ask from the first time we meet startups. This is an inside look at how Uber has done it.
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Startup Update: Rachio Delivers Savings
The water savings chart appeared in my dashboard recently. Last I checked, Rachio users had saved a combined 12,000,000 glasses of water :) There is also the periodic mention of defending veggies from squirrels, but this isn't in reports yet.
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Urban.Us Network: Making More Connections
In the coming weeks, we're going to add additional ways to navigate our people directory. What use cases would you like to see?
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Meet The Inventor of Onewheel, Kyle Doerksen
Kyle shares his story that led him to create a single wheel, self-balancing skateboard. Or what happens when you combine computer science, electrical engineering, biology, mechanical engineering and meet an inspiring Sicilian machinist.
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