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"Software is eating the world but hardware gives it teeth"
- Renee DiResta (@NoUpside)

This was the theme of Renee’s 2014 Solid Conference keynote. Renee predicted what we were about to see at CES in 2015 from large hardware like cars, to connected home devices and drones. We’ll spare you more CES commentary except to say that Urban.Us companies were in the center of many of the discussions.

Skycatch set the pace for commercial applications in the rapidly growing drone ecosystem. Dash was at the center of the conversations around connected cars and the multiple opportunities for fleets, safety, insurance, etc. The connected home was everywhere from the center of Samsung’s Smarthings display at the center of their pavilion (where Rachio was featured), to recently crowdfunded IR blasters to control home appliances.

There was however one very notable product announcement. The Onewheel promo video dropped on Sunday, just as their app hit the app store. And from Monday onwards they rolled over, around, off and through everything at CES. That’s not our very biased opinion - take a look at some of the coverage.

Broken Cap Tables are all too common. Henry Ward, CEO of eShares, dives into the generally poor management of cap tables and the resulting problems for founders, investors and employees. We think eShares is worth your consideration for managing cap tables and other information sharing with shareholders (and if you know of other solutions, we’d love to learn about those too).

[Startup Candidate] Sealed offers residential customers guaranteed savings from energy efficient retrofits. We think they may be onto a way to accelerate retrofits, while also becoming an important channel for emerging efficiency tech. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

[Startup Candidate] Rallybus was introduced just before the break and given the number of vacation responders we received, we thought we’d remind you to take another look.

[Research] Climate Change & Commercial Realestate are on a collision course as CBRE research reveals. Commercial real estate owners, in markets like Miami, are opting to “self insure” as insurers see growing risk and costs associated with coastal flooding from climate change. We’re betting the insurers are better positioned to manage risk and it points to coming opportunities for adaptation (not just mitigation) solutions. More from CBRE. (thanks to Albert for sharing)

[Research] Government Digitization is a trillion dollar opportunity and McKinsey explores the opportunity for firms who help governments to better serve citizens by taking advantage of emerging technologies. More on McKinsey.com. (thanks Art and Jonathon for sharing)

- Shaun & Stonly
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