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1911 New York City didn’t have traffic congestion. There were electric trollies, a few cars and lots of horses. At this time, Ford had produced a little more than 10,000 cars. Soon, Ford would be producing 10,000 cars per day.

The built environment looked more familiar. There were no skyscrapers, but there were familiar smoke plumes from heating systems. It’s not just the landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Flatiron building that were early landmarks. Sidewalks already separated pedestrians from vehicles.

Watch scenes from NYC in 1911.


HAAS Alert
makes roads safer by broadcasting incident locations to drivers, cars & devices.

RoadBotics monitors roads to optimize maintenance and extend their useful life.


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Finally, and most importantly, please join us in welcoming Liz Sisson, the newest member of the Urban Us team. Liz will be based in New York, at the URBAN-X facility, where she will provide her leadership, intellect and network to our new partnership with BMW/MINI.

Liz was recently a Managing Director of the network at the Roosevelt Institute where she primarily led local and statewide economic and social policy initiatives and programs. She has also consulted on government programs related to alternative transportation, with a focus on reducing congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

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