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Google has taken over Atlanta's transit system. At the center are self-driving electric cars. They seek out cheep solar powered chargers located throughout the sprawling Atlanta suburbs. The year is 2028.

This is one of 4 scenarios described by Anthony Townsend in his Reprogramming Mobility report. This week, we'd like to introduce you to two startups that want to define the future of mobility,

[Startup Candidate] Transitmix - brings rocket science to transit systems by building computer aided design tools for public transit. Learn more about Transitmix.

[Startup Candidate] Metrotech - uses machine vision to turn traffic camera video feeds into much more accurate and useful road traffic data. Learn more about Metrotech.
There is one thing missing from the mobility scenarios.Tony Hawk riding Onewheel might just spur rapid rethinking of commuting.

Investors are learning to love hardware They jumped into IOT in Q3, investing nearly twice what was invested in the same period last year. Here is the data & analysis.
Smart City Startups 2015. Stonly reflects on why event's are an increasingly important part of what we do. If you can help us with the program, sponsors or speakers (or anything else) please consider joining the SCS 2015 event group so we can keep you up to date.

Please Meet. If you'd like to compile a list of all creative awards in marketing and advertising, Ale can help you. She has won nearly all of them. Jon is a member and senior leader of KKR's energy team. And if there were awards in the energy and infrastructure business, we're sure Jon would have won them all. Please meet Ale Lariu and Jonathan Smidt.

Finally, this week, the Miami Herald featured Rachio, Dash, Bikespike WUB and Seamlessdocs.
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