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“You are almost always better off making your business better than you are making your pitch better.” - Marc Andreessen on How To Raise Money.

[Startup Candidate] No More E-Waste. When your company upgrades computers and phones, Revivn steps in to turn your old devices into new opportunities for others. Please say hello to Revivn and let the team know what you think.

[Startup News] Skycatch WORKMODE early access. The WORKMODE platform lets drone pilots transition from “playmode” to commercial projects. WORKMODE lets drone pilots automate tasks like extracting 2D measurements from images or detecting changes in a series of images captured over time.

[Startup News] Rachio works with Nest. It will turn on your sprinklers if Nest Protect senses smoke. Nest also announced the acquisition of Revolv and is promoting the KBCP & Google Ventures backed Thoughtful Things Fund for connected home startups. Rachio was also in Wired this week.

Periodic Table of IOT. We love this series from CB Insights. It’s interesting to see the mix of investors as well as the level of corporate activity on the investment and M&A front. While UrbanTech is about 25% of the IOT universe represented here, it’s worth remembering that the number of connected devices will make number of global smartphones look cute.

Say Hello. To Cynthia Maxley and Art Mikhlin. Cynthia uses her 20 years of biz dev experience and her love of entrepreneurship to help Bee Partners portfolio companies (like Skycatch). Art puts the power in power law - he has made more introductions than anyone else in our first 12 months at Urban.Us. Thanks Art!

We’re really excited about all of the confirmed attendees for our San Francisco UrbanTech celebration on November 11th. If you are in town, please join us.

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