Hello reader,
Tom Peters spent the last 18 months reviewing current management literature. His conclusion?
“You want to be screwing around with nearly everything.”

World to NYC - Smart & Sustainable Cities We really enjoyed this event. In fact, we encourage other cities to copy it! Congratulations to David Gilford and Justin Kreamer.

Trading Places How do you choose where to live? Or work? Or visit? PlaceIlive is working on a new scoring system to make it easier to rate and rank locations. Please welcome this weeks startup candidate.

CNN loves BRCK! The backup generator for the internet made CNN’s 2014 list of 10 startups to watch alongside companies like Planet Labs and uBiome.

Dash Announced Chassis their API enables developers to create smarter cars. The API lets developers work with the large installed base of open (vs proprietary) hardware devices.

Valet Anywhere Asks Rob shares learnings since launch and asks for your help. Valet Anywhere also won "Investor's Choice's Award" at the BMW iVenture Quarterly Meetup.

Our Biggest Mistake in our first 12 months? Not creating more opportunities for you to meet one another. We're starting to fix this and we're excited that so many of you enjoyed our event in NYC last week.

Our next event is on October 21st in Miami. Please join us.
- Shaun
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