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Venture Partner, Underwriting and Risk Management | 

As a Venture Partner and Investment Committee member at Urban Us Capital, Bosco is focused on underwriting, and risk management drawing on over 15 years as an energy executive, underwriter and structured finance and derivatives expert.
Bosco spent over 13 years at Macquarie where he specialized in transaction approvals, originating asset-backed working capital, loans, hedging facilities & project finance. His work at Macquarie covered a wide-ranging client base and asset universe including generation assets, renewable energy/storage developers, retail energy suppliers and energy-related technology platforms. Bosco’s work at Macquarie encompassed extensive risk management, underwriting, due diligence, M&A and workouts and restructuring. While at Macquarie, Bosco was instrumental in fostering client’s growth efforts in becoming one of the largest US Energy Retailers.
Most recently Bosco has been Chief Client Officer at Innowatts, an Energy AI-powered analytics start-up. Passionate entrepreneur as a co-owner of multiple ventures, including an energy efficiency company, a diverse music learning center in Hong Kong, and a music production studio in Canada.
Bosco is a lifetime scholar, presently getting his Executive MBA at the University of Oxford, with strong interests in millennium development goals, ESG investment models, social innovation and sustainability.

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