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Chief Financial Officer  | 

Yana’s career combines Russian-instilled love for math with a passion for fostering sustainable startup growth.

As a CFO and a Partner at an outsourced finance & accounting firm, Yana provided scaling solutions to dozens of companies in the Clean Tech and SaaS spheres. Before that, Yana was the Head of Finance at the Unreasonable Group, an accelerator and investor in high-growth ventures that are solving global challenges with advanced technologies.

Yana’s investment banking background includes global equity with Wellington Management and derivates with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Later, Yana joined the nonprofit Partners In Health to manage financials across a portfolio of developing countries.

Yana is professionally fluent in Russian and Spanish. She holds a Dual Master’s of Science in Corporate Finance and Accounting from Boston College, and a degree in International Economics from Brandeis University.

Yana lives on the ocean, where she enjoys cold water swimming, mushroom picking, and working with plants.

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