Startup Application

Apply for funding

We’re interested in solutions that make cities better. Think low energy buildings, improved mobility, public safety and better tools for governance.

And we’re most interested in approaches that can have impact at scale – think 100 cities within 5 years.

If this sounds like what you are working on,  please read on.

Our Process:

  • We review your submission, deck, and profile.
  • If it looks like a good fit, we do a call.
  • If that goes well, we introduce you to our community of 150+ people from cities around the world, who will comment and ask questions of you.
  • Finally, we make a decision to invite you into our network and fund you.

What happens if you are selected?

  • We will invest.
  • We will advise you on how to get the most from Urban.Us community.
  • We’ll ensure you have the best possible chance of accessing the capital, talent and customers you need to make our cities better.


If you are interested in applying to be an advisor, please contact us at