We were recently interviewed by Nancy Dahlberg at the Miami Herald and discussed the first year at Urban.Us. We talked about the founders we are working with, the network of people who have joined us to help them, and our online and offline approaches to bring everyone together. The story allowed us to share the progress of teams including Dash, SeamlessDocs, and Rach.io. It also gave us a chance to talk about Smart City Startups 2015.

Over the last year, Urban.Us has grown to be an online network of more than 300 people. They help us to find, fund, and support the best startups helping improve cities. We find talented people everywhere, so we opted to build an online community first. These people have helped us see why a one wheeled skateboard could change how people commute. They have helped us find pilots to show how a radiator retrofit can reduce energy use by 40%.

While online tools let us connect, in person meetings are still the best way to get to know one another. We’ve met over 400 people at our in person gatherings this year. In 2015, we’re are excited to expand this network with even more founders, investors, cities, and companies at our UrbanTech gatherings and our Smart City Startups event.


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