“But that’s not how we use it!”. This was one of my first interactions with a customer. I had designed what I thought was a very clever low cost Braille display. This first version was prototyped using a mix of LEGO and various things from around the house that I wrongly assumed my mom would not miss. Soon after I handed the prototype to one of my volunteer testers, he smiled. He moved it around a little and then explained is the nicest possible way that I had totally misunderstood how people read Braille. But the conversation quickly revealed a bunch of insights and within a week I was back to test a different prototype, which turned out to work just fine, potentially at 10x lower price than current offerings at the time. This was in 1995. And today we have so many more opportunities to interact with customers.

We can create customer forums as BRCK and Rachio are doing. We can run experience tours as Onewheel is doing. We can continuously test prototypes alongside customers, as Skycatch does. Or we can and offer opportunities for IFTT hackery, as Dash is doing. But there is one organization that has done more than any other I know to work with customers in different ways – LEGO. And we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to hear from the person who runs one of the newest initiatives that enables LEGO to work with their customers – LEGO IDEAS.

LEGO Group’s, Peter Espersen will share his experiences and answer questions about working with customers to create products.

When: September 4th, noon EST

Where: Google Hangout

>> Please RSVP in the comments below as space is limited to the first 15 people.

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Shaun Abrahamson

Big thanks to @peterespersen for a great session!

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Wifredo Fernandez

Yes! But if a founder needs my spot let me know.