Small businesses may offer an interesting opportunity to pilot and deploy building retrofits. The Green Lab project is an interesting example of an existing community that could make this possible.

The Green Lab is helping cities and community development organizations restore their social fabric and neighborhoods and revitalize their economy and community well-being through the America Saves! initiative. The program is a national model for delivering energy efficiency to small businesses and buildings, driving cost savings and new investment in existing buildings and is supported by a $2 million grant award from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Daniel Myers

Thanks for the heads up Shaun! We are checking it out.

Andrew Frey

thanks! through the “America Saves!” program, the National Trust for Historic Preservation partners with local organizations to gather info about small urban commercial and mixed-use buildings (50 minimum in each neighborhood) physical characteristics and energy use. then the Trust works with DEP and other national organizations to analyze the data and make free recommendations to the small property owners.