Our life is full of key questions. Where will I go? Who am I? What I eat tonight? What is all this? Sometimes it is loaded with these questions and four shopping bags in addition to bicycle or small child on the doorstep. And then come the mother and the father of all key questions: WHERE IS THE FUCKING DOOR KEY AND WHY I HAVE NO MORE HAND FREE? In general, the key is the bottom of the tender Tete á Tete with kohlrabi, if not equal to the key ring with the carrot has married or even better, the key has pierced the lid of the yogurt. My friend T. always speaks in this context of the “viciousness of things.”

# Sesame Open Up


This everyday malignancy that can drive you crazy, Christian Bogatu has with his start-up KIWI.KI now opposite a wonderful problem solving. A small “open sesame” named KIWI.KIWI is a system that makes the house key superfluous. Who uses KIWI carrying a small but send transponder (“Ki”) with you. In the doorbell of the house, a sensor is installed, which detects whether the “Ki” is justified. The door opens automatically. A dream, right?

Christian Bogatu.  Photo: KIWI.KI

Comfortable is the – no doubt. But that’s safe?

The ask a third of all users of KIWI. Christian Bogatus answer is simple and convincing. He asks his opponent to show him the house key. Then a short photo with your smartphone.And now only missing a 3-D printer that reproduces the front door key based on the photos.Sounds bad. Is it too. KIWI is there much safer. Even in the development phase globally recognized cryptology experts and white-hat hackers have tested the product and found to be excellent. The cooperation with the Allianz insurance is another proof that KIWI is in terms of safety far ahead. And also there is no compromise on data protection: Do not record data showing who, when and where a door is opened.

Kiwi sensorki

No wonder then that alone already 70,000 times a door with KIWI has been opened in July this year. And it is by far not only the boys and Technology affine belonging to the customer. A large group of customers are seniors. You benefit above all from the fact that you can use out of the apartment out the electronic door opener with KIWI and the associated smartphone app. So to speak, from the sofa. And there is another important customer group: waste disposal companies and the post office. The times in which the garbage disposal and the postman are fitted as large as that of a prison guard with a keychain, could soon be over.

Behind KIWI standing next to Christian Bogatu the two co-founder Claudia Nagel and Peter Dietrich. Also on board the software and hardware developer Jeff Katz is on the contact to THE WYE came about. From this contact, the idea arose last year to allow the conference to take place in Hardware.co/Berlin THE WYE. A collaboration that was the beginning of a long-term exchanges.

As befits a start-up KIWI is on a growth path – from Berlin but with the solid and confident look on an international market that is just waiting for that at least two key questions of life are answered. From a Kiwi, um, a KIWI.


** This is a google translated repost from http://www.rosegarden-mag.de/kreative/inside-the-wye-christian-bogatu-co-founder-kiwi-ki **

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