As most of the world’s population move to cities, we desperately need them to succeed.  Cities offer our best chances to address some of humanities grand challenges such as climate change and increased economic opportunities for all.

We believe startups have never been better positioned to solve tough urban problems. But they still need help when they are most vulnerable – before their first institutional investment. So we’re building a community of investors, founders, urban leaders and advisors to help us find and support the most promising startups that can make our cities better. 

Our most recent investor update discusses our progress in our first 6 months – building a community of 150 advisors from more than 15 cities to work with our first 10 startups. We’re 6 months in, but building on almost 15 years of early stage investing where we count some of today’s leading angels and institutional investors as our co-investors.

If you’d like to help startups to help our cites take on humanities grand challenges, please take a look at our investor presentation to learn more about the opportunity.

– Shaun Abrahamson

CEO, Co-founder, Urban Us Public Benefit Corporation