100 Resilient Cities (100RC) was conceived and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation to help cities become more resilient to physical, social and economic challenges. 100RC looks at resilience from a number of perspectives ranging from how to quickly reorganize and restore functions to ensuring that their is spare capacity.

100RC helps cities (currently 32 of them) by funding a new position: a Chief Resilience Officer. They then work with cities to establish a resilience strategy and provide them access to service providers who can help cities to implement their resilience strategies.

Part of the effort involves the development of a solutions catalog. Current solution provides include SwissRe and Palantir, who are both providing access to their software tools during the strategy phase.

To see how 100RC shares services with cities, please take a look at an example service description.

Please leave a comment or email us if you’d like to explore opportunities further with the 100RC team. Once we know who is interested, we’ll schedule a time for a Q&A session.

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