We are trying to teach our sales team more about the procurement process. A couple of questions it would be great to get more formalized answers. Keep in mind our average sales price is between $5000 and $25000.
+ Once they are ready for procurement can anyone shed insight into next steps i.e. how much internal selling they need to do, how they go about asking, etc?
+ How does inter department spending work? Easier or more complicated?
+ If fiscal year ends December, when do they start making decisions on things to buy?

If anyone has any internal slides, materials or resources this would be super helpful!

Jonathon Ende

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Stonly Baptiste

Looping in @michael-laas to see if any of this resonates with his past in procurement.

Wifredo Fernandez

@jonathan have you done any sales into public schools/colleges/universities?

Shaun Abrahamson
Tommy Lopez
Below is my input to your questions: 1. Once an agency has identified a set of products or services they want to obtain a variety of things can happen: -your internal champion must present your solution to their department head, I highly suggest your team be involved in this process as only 50% of what they learned will be presented. Your team is the experts, you want them involved as much as possible. You will need to present an overview of your product, pricing, T&C’s & possible a cost savings type document i.e. ROI -once you have a decision maker… Read more »