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Stay connected with other people who are re-imagining cities. Our network includes startup founders, investors, and people representing companies, universities, foundations, and different levels of governments. If you are interested in joining the network and our conversations on Slack, apply here.

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URBAN-X is the accelerator for startups reimagining city life built by MINI and Urban Us. We help startups with the unique challenges of working with cities in sectors like transportation, real estate, local government, utilities and more.

Urbantech Startup Playbook

The playbook serves as a summary of things we have learned over the past few years at Urban Us.

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We’re doing our best to keep track of key resources like city specific projects or investors who are investing in the urbantech space.

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Urbantech companies on our radar.

Chicago Booth Class

We help run a class at the University of Chicago related to entrepreneurship in the urban context.


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